We work to the highest standards and values
and pride ourselves on the results we achieve for
our clients.

FoxBreeze International was founded by David Fox in order to provide a systematic and quality controlled approach to executive coaching. The network of international coaches David has created is committed to providing the highest standards of executive coaching to meet the diverse needs of individuals and organisations.

Our philosophy in providing coaching is to maximise the individual’s potential and through these interventions to impact on the growth and profitability of the firm. We work closely with our clients to understand their business, the cultural climate and their aims in order to match the most appropriate coach for each client.

We have a common framework which allows each coach to follow a quality controlled approach while tailoring each coaching programme to the needs of the individual.

Much is written about work/life balance but few manage to achieve it. We have demonstrated excellence in this area by not only achieving this balance for a range of clients but also ensuring that business performance (in terms of increased fee-income) was enhanced.

We will work with you and alongside you to ensure that the best interests of the individual and the firm are always paramount. We will tailor programmes to suit your needs, wherever they may occur, in the most cost-effective and timely way.

The future of the firm is in the talent of the individuals who have developed, for themselves, the most productive, effective ways of working. We will help you achieve that goal.

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